Imagine…A new audience of customers, able to enjoy your food at home

If you’re a restaurant owner, times are tough and uncertain. You’ve been facing lockdowns, restrictions, curfews and may have lost customers due to fear and anxiety around going out.

But you do still have something valuable to offer your customers. An opportunity to not have to cook, to experience great food, to celebrate in a different but equally enjoyable way.


It’s time to try something new…

Dine@Home enables your customers to access your delicious food. And not just your existing, loyal customers who are rooting for you and missing you…

You can give a whole new audience a taste of what you offer. Dine@Home means reaching people who may not know about your restaurant or who are less keen on going ‘out’ but would relish an enhanced dining experience ‘in’.

We’ll get your upmarket takeaway service launched, promoted, managed and delivered, leaving you to do what you do best – preparing and cooking fantastic food.


As expert digital marketers & business consultants, launching and promoting businesses online is our specialty. Wherever you are now with your marketing, launching Dine@Home will need a big splash to stand out, get noticed and entice new customers.


We’ll quickly put everything in place, including Google my Business profile if you don’t already have it, then a comprehensive tailored social media plan (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) to target audiences in the right location and demographic.


We’ll then create the eye-catching visuals, messages and content needed to get those orders rolling in.



We’ve explored the market and assessed the options to partner up with the best platform to manage your Dine@Home orders.


Andromeda lead the way in offering specialist digital ordering platforms for the restaurant industry. They are a trusted, credible brand.


Through a fully own-branded and mobile optimised webpage, your customers will enjoy an efficient and user-friendly ordering experience, knowing a magnificent meal is only a few clicks away.



For any takeaway service, efficient, punctual and careful delivery is key. And for this reason, we’ve partnered with the highly respected Orkestro who give you access to the best delivery companies in your area.


They know it’s not just about speed, but it’s about care and quality, and delivering your delicious dishes in perfect condition. They work with tried and tested vetted delivery companies giving you peace of mind when your beautifully prepared meals leave your door.


And, they’ll fully integrate their platform with your ordering system and website for a seamless customer experience.



Our vision is simple. If you are ambitious about taking your business to the next level, we will help you get there. Our methods are simple. We do it all for you.


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